Classically trained, Sarah Nevada Grether is an American, Berlin-based actress, dancer, and choreographer.

This year she’ll be starring as the main actress in the German cinema feature, „Grand Jeté“ from award-winning film director Isabelle Stever, premiering at Germany’s prestigious international film festival, the 72nd “Berlinale”.  Sarah Nevada has baffled audiences with dozens of major roles: in ballets such as “Stella” in John Neumires’s “Streetcar Named Desire”; in feature films such as her lead role in “The Lost” by world-renowned art film director Reynold Reynolds; and working alongside some of the most innovative and celebrated multimedia artists such as Jeremy Shaw in his recent work, premiered in the world-famous “Centre Pompidou”, in Paris in 2020.

“From growing up on a peaceful farm in rural Southern California, to dancing, singing, acting and choreographing for the big screen and in the wild underground art world of Berlin, Sarah Nevada’s artistic journey is the stuff movies are made of. She was born in Reno, Nevada, grew up in Camarillo, California with 7 siblings, surrounded by horses and strawberry fields. She trained at numerous international Ballet schools such as “The School of American Ballet” in New York City and the „Pacific Northwest Ballet School” in Seattle, Washington. At the age of 16, her talent urged her towards stardom and she made the big move to join John Neuimier’s top International Ballet School in Hamburg, Germany to continue her training as a ballerina. She then danced in the world-famous Stuttgart Ballet, taking on major solo roles from remarkable choreographers such as John Cranko, John Neimier, Wayne Mcgreggor, Hans von Mannon, Christian Spuck and more.

Sarah Nevada’s thirst for artistic freedom and her own voice lead her to branch out into uncharted fields, and in 2008 she moved to Berlin to cultivate her deep-seeded desires for a career as an actress, choreographer and musician. She became the lead performer and co-creator of Patrick King’s immersive lifestyle theater company, “Salon K Privé” and worked for film, theater and dance directors from all around the world, such as Ismael Ivo, Marco Carniti, Michel Comte, Reynold Reynolds, Christoph Winkler, Constanza Macras, Rolando Villazón, Claus Guth and more. She has ongoing collaborations with art and fashion photographers Dieter Blum, Hami Roshan and Brieuc Le Meur, amongst others.

Furthermore, Sarah Nevada has choreographed two of her own major dance productions, as well as large events, music videos and solo stage performances. She also currently performs as a solo singer, actress and dancer with the Berlin-based underground attraction “Music Ashram”; MaHalla’s resident musical collaboration.

Sarah Nevada Grether lights up any room, takes on any role and opens any heart through her ability to deliver an extremely open, authentic, and sincere performance. It is as if her being draws you into her world and makes you magically feel deeper compassion for whatever role she takes on. Not just an actress, dancer, choreographer, comedian, and musician, Sarah is a philosopher, teacher, Buddhist, writer, bombshell and fierce force of nature.

With that said, Sarah Nevada’s personal choreographic and directorial work greatly focuses on fusing multi-faceted performance media, storytelling, communications research, political exploration of body/mind connectivity, physiology, and humanity’s need for human encounter and interaction. Sarah is happy to announce that she was recently awarded the DisTanz solo research grant to dive into her own personal conceptual work, “I Con Who?” which explores the search for one’s true identity. The concept will be used to create a storyline for a film and/or theatrical production.

„When I’m acting, I am not acting, I am bringing forth compassion and diversity from the depths of my being by putting myself into the shoes of the character and her environment. From this perspective, I see acting as a type of healing for humanity, expanding the diversity and tolerance for an individual’s story. When we watch an actor or artist inspire the world, we identify with that being and go into resonance with them and ourselves. This is the key to my desire for human encounter and my life’s artistic mission. It does not really matter to me how I share this, whether it’s in the movies, on stage, though my dance, voice, music or in my everyday life. My heart beats for those real moments in which we thrive in authenticity, sincerity and compassion and though this, manifest a greater peace in this world.”